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  • 1. Pool for children and  adults
  • 2. Safe kayaking and swimming
  • 3. Waterfalls
  • 4. Snorkel and dive
  • 5. Rent a motorbike
  • 6. Book an island tour
  • 7. Go caving
  • 8. Get a fish massage
  • 9. Kayak in the sunset
  • 10. Spot dolphins on the way to  Siquijor
  • 11. Just relax
  • 12. Dine by the beach
1. Pool for children and  adults1 2. Safe kayaking and swimming2 3. Waterfalls3 4. Snorkel and dive4 5. Rent a motorbike5 6. Book an island tour6 7. Go caving7 8. Get a fish massage8 9. Kayak in the sunset9 10. Spot dolphins on the way to  Siquijor10 11. Just relax11 12. Dine by the beach12

Siquijor Island has plenty to offer and most is within easy reach. We rent out motorbikes and arrange customized island tours in our vans. Explore waterfalls, caves, beaches, cliff jumping, a butterfly farm, old churches/convents, a new marine museum and more. We also provide free kayaks for guests to explore the water and beaches around White Villas. Our new swimming pool opened in December 2016.

This part of the Philippines is famous for its marine biodiversity and the nearest dive-shops are only 5-10 minutes away. Turtles, rays, and the occasional whale shark are spotted now and then. The area is also good for underwater macro-photography. There is a marine sanctuary off the nearby Paliton beach on the northern side of Solangon beach, which is good for swimming and snorkelling.

The water at White Villas is shallow with seagrass. You can normally swim around high tide. The beach itself is good for walks/jogs, sun-bathing and relaxing. The sunsets are often very beautiful.

December/June is peak season. The slightly cooler monsoon season around August/October is also getting popular, but expect more windy and rainy conditions at times.

Siquijor is known for its warm hospitality. A maayong buntag (good morning), maayong hapon (good afternoon) or maayong gabii (good evening) and a smile usually gets you a long way. Please avoid loud noise and littering as you travel around.

The local Church holds Sunday morning services in Visayan and English. Ask our staff for exact times.

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