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Activities & Sights

There is much to do on Siquijor Island — see below. It is a fun place to travel and the Siquijudnons are great hosts. We organise day tours by car or tricycle and rent out motorbikes. A typical day tour by car costs Peso 2500/group. The road network is good.


Siquijor has several nice waterfalls depending on the season. You can easily reach these by motorbike or we can organise tours in our vans. 

Snorkeling & Diving

Siquijor is not yet known for its diving and snorkelling, but that is only a question of time. Many reefs are still in very good condition and divers often see for example several turtles on a single dive. The occasional whale shark, manta ray or barracuda are also spotted now and then. There are dive shops a few minutes down the road from White Villas and marine sanctuaries (such as Maite and Paliton) nearby offer great snorkelling. Please be mindful of the environment, also when you dive and snorkel (thanks).


We have free kayaks for our guests. Snorkelling is good a few hundred meters out from White Villas by the reef drop-off and there are other, nice nearby beaches to be explored by kayak. 

Cliff Jumping

On the southeastern side of the island, by the beautiful Salagdoong beach, cliff jumping from different heights is a new attraction. Do you dare?

Fish Massage

Fancy having your feet nibbled on and cleaned by small and larger fish? Just head to the large ‘Century Old Balete Tree’ (Banyan Tree) on the southern side of the island and enjoy the tickle. The tree itself is a few hundred years old and apparently home to spirits, if you believe… 

Sunset Viewing

The late afternoon sunset at White Villas is often spectacular, with colours and atmosphere changing throughout the year. Great photo opportunities if you are into this type of photography! Or just sit on the beach and take it all in, while enjoying a cold drink.

Local Fishfolks

Apart from catching fish some of the local fisherfolks also collect and sell sea urchins as a local delicacy. You can see them in their colourful small ‘bancas’ (outrigger boats) in the morning typically between 6am and 7am arriving towards the northern end of Solangon beach just a few minutes walk along the beach from White Villas.

Our Farms

Up in the hills of Siquijor we are developing two organic farmsOn one farm we have planted several hundred local hardwood trees as we support conservation and mixed farming. We have also planted mango, cacao and several other types of fruits. The other farm has more than 50 mature mango trees as well as bananas, pine apple, dragon fruit, bamboo, vegetables, taro, poultry, livestock, and much moreTwo local farmers are currently looking after the farms. We are not yet doing organised tours, but you are more than welcome to visit. The nearest farm is a good half our walk from White Villas and the other a 20minute drive. Our resort staff can help arrange trips.